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Best of Sushi

The metro times Best of 2004 issue is out.

Best sushi — West Side
OJ’s Sushi Bar
29429 Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills

OJ Suzuki creates sushi with the grace of a Kurosawa samurai handling his dai-tachi. OJ feels strongly about serving traditional sushi with the focus on the quality of the food, not gimmicks. His creations are as stunning as they are delicious. “Making food requires an artistic heart,” he says. The menu is a little confusing, but OJ is happiest if you leave the ordering to him. Let him know you are not afraid to try the unusual and you’ll be in for a treat.

Best sushi — East Side
Noble Fish
45 E. 14 Mile Road, Clawson

One of the best places for sushi is also one of the least pretentious. You get what you see: a tiny sushi bar in the back of a Japanese grocery. It’s the freshness of the fish and the artfulness of the preparation that makes Noble Fish stand out. Reasonable prices don’t hurt either. Check off what you want on the menu and fill your own Styrofoam cup with water or green tea from a communal pot. Outstanding is the spider roll: a slender cylinder of rice wrapped with nori and featuring the little legs of a (fried) soft shell crab escaping from either end. Thumbs up for the Michigan roll, an inside-out roll filled with tuna, cucumber, avocado, and a spicy sauce.
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