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Avoid this place like Lu-Bu

Nippon-Kai Japanese Restaurant
511 W 14 Mile Rd
Clawson, MI 48017
(248) 288-3210

darkborne and I went to this place as a mini celebration for his new promotion. Ordered some nigiri. Got white-fish, octopus, tomago, and tuna if I remember correctly? Also ordered the battera - which is pressed rice topped with mackerel and kelp film. We got some pretty terrible service. Like 1 glass of water each for the entire dinner. If you know how Ryan and I drink, you'll realize that this is like giving half a shot to a normal person. We were thirsty. Our bill was wrong. Our tomago was burned. Burned? Yes burned. I think the chef(american by the way) was annoyed that we were even there. It was next to impossible to get our bill, which was too expensive for not giving me free soup. To put it simply, I will not be going back to Nippon-Kai...ever.
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