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the new girl

hey everyone, I'm new to the community, so I thought I'd post a hello post. My name is Danielle, I'm 20 and I live in Taylor. The only near by sushi bar is this place called the black pine tree on Eureka (just past the first light east of allen) in southgate. It's still the only place I've ever eaten sushi at, and being a vegetarian my choices are limited, but they're very good ^_^ I adore the simple yumminess of the cucumber roll. I also adore their veggie roll, portabello mushroom roll(spelling?), yasai tempura, and egg nigiri. My boyfriend (who will eat damn near anything) loves just about everything they have. The only things he can't say he loves are the things he hasn't tried (yet) ^_^ The atmosphere is cozy (it's a pretty small resturant) and the staff is usually very friendly. Though, some of their (american) waitresses irritate me, simply because they seem to have no clue how to pronounce anything on the menu.

I mentioned that I'm a vegetarian. It isn't for 'animal rights' reasons or any of that bullshit (though, that's how it all got started). I've been considering eating fish for a while now, but it only appeals to me in Japanese cooking, does that sound strange? So next time my boyfriend and I visit the black pine tree, I think I may try a bit of whatever roll/s he ends up getting (usually california, dragon, tuna or this one roll with salmon, I forgot the name of it). I've asked pretty much everyone I know this question, but I figured I'd ask you guys since I got into this rant. Good idea, or no?

Any who... I think I'll wind down my into rant.
Bye ^_^
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