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Cafe Sushi

Cafe Sushi
1933 W Maple
Troy, MI 48084
(248) 280-1831

Last week i went to the Cafe Sushi. emilytarot was just finishing her snacking and inflixia showed up not much later. We are a bunch of fish lovin fools. Anyway i don't know quite what you though but they were a little slow. Probably because they brought me the wrong order and then had to go back and make what i actually wanted. Place seemed a little expensive and didn't offer any extras. I did not prefer their special BBQ eel to regular eel. The kanpyo was really excellent and so was the yellow tail. Philly roll was average and the crunch roll wasnt quite as crunchy as i was expecting, but still pretty good.

The actual restaurant is really nice and has a good atmosphere. I liked their indoor fountain, it reminds me of da sea! :) I think next time i'll stick to sitting at the bar since the chef can be pretty entertaining.
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