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sushi...and coffee?

being a good sushi community moderator i went out this weekend to try a new sushi restaurant. went to a place called Makkara in ann arbor. a little questionable to start with because the place doesnt exactly specialize in sushi. there is also a grocery area/coffee stand. but that did not deter me, sometimes strange little places like that have the best stuff.

the menu did not seem very extensive, but they have rolls and nigiri. ordered some miso soup. ughhh, it had carrots and mushrooms. unfortunately your faithful narrator cannot eat mushrooms. the staff happily took the soup back and removed it from my bill. score points for being friendly.

the rolls came only in giant size, 11 pieces per. got an eel roll, tuna roll, and california 1/2 crab & 1/2 salmon roll if i remember correctly. everything was pretty much less than awesome. i think the best thing was the california salmon, which of course there was the least of. :(

i guess it wasnt a total waste. i bought some pocky in the grocery section. mmm candy.
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